Future of the Site

Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Facility

Footprint is developing a quick-start combined-cycle gas turbine on an 18-acre portion of the 65-acre site. This facility will have the ability to provide 674 MW of power to the grid with nearly half of that output available in 10 minutes and the remainder over the course of an hour. In the near term, as one of the most efficient units on the grid, we anticipate that it will run a lot.

Over time, as more renewable assets are added to the grid, we foresee it will be operated as a “firming” resource that is called upon when intermittent resources like wind and solar are unable to keep up with demand. The facility has been designed to be a good neighbor with engineering, architectural and landscape features intended to reduce sound, improve the visual impact and optimize the options for development on the remaining 40+ acres.