A typical coal-fired power plant produces 2,080 pounds of CO2 every hour for every million watts it generates. The new SHS will produce 825 pounds – a sixty-percent reduction. We estimate that we will reduce carbon emissions in New England by an average of 450,000 tons a year, the equivalent of removing 90,000 cars from New England’s roads each year.

Salem Harbor Station

Salem Harbor is not only Footprint’s first project, it also came into being at about the same time that Footprint itself did. We identified Salem Harbor as the right place to implement our business plan on our very first official scouting trip back in February 2010. Salem Harbor topped our list based on its strong infrastructure (deepwater port access, proximity to interstate natural gas line and transmission headroom, among other things), the presence of an owner with a strategic outlook that did not value this asset and the level of engagement of the community. We had big dreams for Salem Harbor, but we knew they could only come to reality if the community had both the willingness and the capacity to dream big with us. We believed that the strong political leadership in Salem and the sophisticated and very well organized environmental and community groups that voiced concern about the existing facility would help us mould a new vision for the site that provided optimal outcomes for the broadest base. This belief was reinforced through a public review process sponsored by the City of Salem that examined the reuse potential for the site and through our many meetings with local leaders, members of the community and advocacy groups. By the time we closed on the acquisition of Salem Harbor from its prior owner in August 2012, we had a good understanding of the needs of the community and were able to launch the development program for the quick-start combined-cycle gas turbine project that will represent the first step in the redevelopment of this 65-acre site.

Salem Harbor Website


The future is wind, solar and other no-carbon generating solutions supported by a sophisticated network of flexible natural gas electric generating facilities that run only when the no-carbon sources cannot meet the demand. The Salem Harbor site is poised to meet this future like few others.


Future of the Site

Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Facility
Footprint is developing a quick-start combined-cycle gas turbine on an 18-acre portion of the 65-acre site. This facility will have the ability to provide 674 MW of power to the grid with nearly half of that output available in 10 minutes and the remainder over the course of an hour.


Did you know?

While the onshore wind resources in Massachusetts are limited, its wind resources in the waters immediately offshore are immense with production capacity estimates as high as 200 billion watts. Some of the best locations for wind in the Commonwealth are immediately adjacent to Salem Harbor off of Cape Ann. Because of its flexibility, the new SHS serves as a perfect partner to wind generation.