Our Mission

Footprint Power is dedicated to helping owners of older coal- and oil-fired power plants – and the communities that host them – transition these facilities and sites to other productive purposes.

Who We Are


We are independent power industry veterans, adept at evaluating complex situations, identifying opportunities and structuring solutions to address challenges. We are active listeners and straight talkers. Most of all, we are concerned citizens, deeply committed to our planet’s future and to doing what we can to reverse our industry’s impact on the global community.

Our History

The last decade or so has seen some major upheavals in the power industry. First, in the late 1990’s, many states undertook restructuring programs that would see the dismantling of vertically-integrated utilities and the creation of a market-based generation sector. These programs were intended to reduce costs for consumers by creating incentives for the development of efficient new generation.
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Our Approach

We recognize that not all situations are the same and owners and ytyhost communities of older power plants will have different needs depending on their unique circumstances. In light of this fact, our first step in assessing any situation we encounter will be discussions with each of the stakeholders – the owner, the local political leadership, community and environmental advocates, local utilities and system operators – anyone with an interest in the future of the facility and the site.
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Did you know?

A typical gas-fired power plant takes 6 hours to start up before it provides electicity to the grid. A typical coal-fired power plant takes 16 hours to start. The new SHS can start up and begin providing electricity in just 10 minutes. This represents a huge environmental benefit, since power plants produce emissions the moment they begin the start-up process.

Our Team

An undertaking as significant as the new Salem Harbor Station requires a team with the expertise and determination to make it come to fruition. Our team is comprised of industry leaders with the knowledge, resources and capacity to make the new Salem Harbor Station a guiding light for Salem, Essex County and beyond.


Peter Furniss


Paul Ehrenzeller
Chief Financial Officer


George Wilson
Director of Development


Scott Silverstein
President & Chief Operating Officer


Marcia MacClary
Director of Public Affairs


Donna Roberts
Director of Finance