Our Approach

We recognize that not all situations are the same and owners and that host communities of older power plants will have different needs depending on their unique circumstances. In light of this fact, our first step in assessing any situation we encounter will be discussions with each of the stakeholders – the owner, the local political leadership, community and environmental advocates, local utilities and system operators – anyone with an interest in the future of the facility and the site.

After gathering up as much data as we can about the site, we can assess the needs of the stakeholders and can evaluate how Footprint can add value to the situation.

At this point, Footprint would be in a position to take its next steps: determining the optimal environmental outcome for the facility and the site and establishing whether the fundamental requirements for re-development such as demand and infrastructure were present (or could be created cost-effectively), whether the proposed use was financially viable and whether the project could be structured to achieve the intended results. This is not a linear process, since we will be continuously checking back with our stakeholders to ensure that the results we are working to achieve really meet the stakeholders’ needs.

Our development cycle looks
a little like this.